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2016 - 2007 Sermons

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Date Title Presenter
2016-01-23 Thrive Together - Ephesians: "Accepted, You Are" Pastor Roy Hager Play
2016-01-16 "Thrive Together - Ephesians" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2016-01-02 "Day 3" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-11-28 "A Thankful Life" Pastor Scott Ward Play
2015-11-25 "Inbox - Outbox" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-11-14 "TOGETHER: Found in Him" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-11-07 "A Paradigm Shift" Gerald Babanezhad Play
2015-10-31 "GOD-IS-at-WORK-within YOU!" Pastor Roy Hager Play
2015-10-24 "Philippians: POSTURE" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-10-17 "Philippians: FURTHER" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-10-13 "Philippians....Greetings" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-10-13 "Philippians...Together" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-09-26 "Following Jesus" Pastor Caleb Henry Play
2015-09-11 "Conversations with Jesus: Our Father in Heaven" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-09-04 "Conversations with Jesus: Who Are You Talking To?" Dr. Scott Ward, DMin Play
2015-08-28 "Conversations with Jesus: Sisters" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-08-21 "Conversations with Jesus: The Counter" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-08-14 "The Spiritual Destiny of Our Children Matters" Karen Kanas, Ally Emmerson, Tim Kubrock, Roy Hager Play
2015-08-07 "Conversations with Jesus: Sinners and Scribes" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-07-31 Conversations with Jesus: Conversations Live Pastor John Bechtel, Janice Effenberg, John McCann, and Debbie Pellerin Play
2015-07-24 "Conversations with Jesus: In the Upper Room" Pastor Roy Hager Play
2015-07-10 "Conversations with Jesus: Mighty Mountains" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-07-03 Conversations with Jesus: A Politician Pastor John L. Bechtel Play
2015-06-26 Youth Rush: "God's Searing" Youth Rush Play
2015-06-19 "Conversations with Jesus: Her and THEM" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-06-12 Conversation about Jesus and the "Gospel" Pastor Scott Ward Play
2015-06-05 "Conversations With Jesus: The 70" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-05-29 "Conversations with Jesus: A Lawyer" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-05-22 "Conversations with Jesus: A Mom and Her Boys" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-05-15 Lodi Academy Music Dept. Daniel Rodriguez, Diector Play
2015-05-08 "We Need to Talk" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-05-01 "Lessons From Delphi" Pastor Scott Ward Play
2015-04-24 "Because God is Good...and He's also Good!" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-04-17 All Things New Pastor Roy Hager Play
2015-04-11 "Times and Conditions" Nolton Broussard Play
2015-04-03 Out of Darkness, Light! Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-03-27 "God Intervenes" Pastor John L Bechtel Play
2015-03-20 When He Cometh Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-03-13 A Body to LIVE For: What For? Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-03-06 A Body to LIVE For: Great, Greater, Greatest Passtor Bob Mason Play
2015-02-20 "A Body to Live For: Who's the Man" Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-02-06 A Body to LIVE For: Nerves Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-02-13 "Imaging a Future" Randal Wisbey Play
2015-01-30 A Body to LIVE For: Just Like the Rest Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-01-23 A Body to Live For: Everybody Alike -- NOT! Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-01-16 A Body to Llive For: One Body Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-01-02 A Body to Live For Pastor Bob Mason Play
2014-12-26 Joseph Pastor Bob Mason Play
2015-12-19 Christmas Program Play
2014-11-14 November 15, 2014 Bob Mason Play
2014-11-22 November 8, 2014 Play
2014-10-31 Is My Name Written There? John Bechtel Play
2014-10-24 Dearly Loved Bob Mason Play
2014-10-10 Do You Really See? Bob Mason Play
2014-10-03 Other Sheep I Have Also Gerald Babanezhad Play
2014-09-26 The Jesus Frangrance Bob Mason Play
2014-09-19 The Bible and Emotional Intelligence Dr. Neil Nedley Play
2014-09-12 Creator Still in the Every Day Dr. Francisco Gayoba Play
2014-09-05 Following Jesus, our Master Teacher Tim Kubrock Play
2014-08-29 What the World Needs Now: Keepers Bob Mason Play
2014-08-15 What the World Needs Now: More Daniels Bob Mason Play
2014-08-08 What the World Needs Now: The Real Jesus Bob Mason Play
2014-08-01 The Church and the Final Days Nolton Broussard Play
2014-07-11 What the World Needs Now: A Creator Bob Mason Play
2014-08-15 August 23, 2014 Play
2014-07-25 The Journey Cindy DeChance Play
2014-07-04 July 5, 2014 Play
2014-06-27 Glory Served Bob Mason Play
2014-06-06 Gospel to Go Scott Ward Play
2014-06-20 What the World Needs Now: Fear Bob Mason Play
2014-06-13 What the World Needs Now: Glory! Bob Mason Play
2014-05-23 What the World Needs Now: Good News, Of Course! Bob Mason Play
2014-05-16 What the World Needs Now: Three Messages for Our Time Bob Mason Play
2014-04-25 Why? Bob Mason Play
2014-04-18 For Us All Bob Mason Play
2014-04-11 The Book of Light Bob Mason Play
2014-04-04 The Center of the Center Bob Mason Play
2014-03-28 Aim for the Center Bob Mason Play
2014-03-21 Your Story Bob Mason Play
2014-03-14 The Formula Bob Mason Play
2014-03-07 Stars Bob Mason Play
2014-02-28 The Restored Face Tyler Kraft Play
2014-02-21 All On the Ice Bob Mason Play
2014-02-14 What Difference Does It Make? Nolton Broussard Play
2014-02-07 Faith Saga: Living Sacrifice Bob Mason Play
2014-01-31 20140201 Berit Von Pohle Play
2014-01-24 20140125 Bob Mason Play
2014-01-17 20140118 Bob Mason Play
2014-01-10 20140111 Bob Mason Play
2014-01-03 20140104 Bob Mason Play
2013-03-29 Sermon Danny Strever Play
2013-03-22 Persistant Prayer Pastor Vern Play
2013-03-15 Tell What Great Things He Has Done Pastor Brent Play
2013-03-08 David Goliath Pastor Brent Play
2013-03-01 Revel In His Holy Name Pastor Brent Play
2013-02-22 Sermon Nolton Broussard Play
2013-02-15 Sweet Disappointment Pastor Brent Play
2013-01-11 Good Better Best Vern Holthouse Play
2013-01-01 New Glorious Morn Brent Brusett Play
2013-01-04 One Step Brent Brusett Play
2013-12-28 One Thing Brent Brusett Play
2012-11-23 Thanksgiving Brent Brusett Play
2012-10-19 Forgiveness Mike Mamoulelis Play
2012-10-05 Who You Know Brent Brusett Play
2012-09-21 Run For Glory Vern Holthouse Play
2012-09-14 Give Me Jesus Brent Brusett Play
2012-08-31 Picking Up Stones or People Brent Brusett Play
2012-10-26 Daniel - chapter 1 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-10-26 Daniel - chapter 2 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-02 Daniel - chapter 3 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-02 Daniel - chapter 4 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-09 Daniel - chapter 5 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-09 Daniel - chapter 6 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-16 Daniel - chapter 7 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-16 Daniel - chappter 8 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-30 Daniel - chapter 9 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-11-30 Daniel - chapter 10 Pastor Brusett Play
2012-09-07 Sermon Harley Peterson Play
2012-08-24 Mission Possible 2 Brent Brusett Play
2012-08-17 Mission Possible 1 Brent Brusett Play
2012-08-03 Testimony Vern Holthouse Play
2012-07-27 Blessed Life-Generosity Brent Brusett Play
2012-07-20 Blessed Life-Tithe Brent Brusett Play
2012-07-13 How Shall We Live? Scott Ward Play
2012-07-06 Blessed Life-1 Brent Brusett Play
2012-08-10 Acts 2 Scott Ward Play
2012-06-22 Unseen Power Scott Ward Play
2012-06-15 I Want to Be Like You Brent Brusett Play
2012-06-01 Want to Get Away Brent Brusett Play
2012-05-25 Academy Graduation Pastor Tracy Play
2012-05-18 Power of Forgiveness Brent Brusett Play
2012-05-11 Lodi Academy Band Lodi Academy Band Play
2012-05-04 Artesian Power Vern Holthouse Play
2012-04-27 Unexpected Grace Brent Brusett Play
2012-04-20 Faith Don't Leave Home Without It Ron Aguilera Play
2012-04-13 Loving Our Children Scott Ward Play
2012-04-06 The Easter Quake Walt Turner Play
2012-03-29 Power of Testimony Nico Hill Play
2012-03-23 Standing with Jesus Fred Kinsey Play
2012-03-16 God's Favorite Things/Love One Another Brent Brusett Play
2012-03-09 Favorite Things-Unity Brent Brusett Play
2012-02-24 Who Am I Nolton Broussard Play
2012-02-17 Shift the Dependency Scott Ward Play
2012-02-03 Do You Know God? Brent Brusett Play
2012-01-13 The Abundant Life Brent Brusett Play
2012-01-06 Church Dennis Smith Play
2011-11-25 O Give Thanks to the Lord Brent Brusett Play
2011-11-05 Hidden Treasure Brent Brusett Play
2011-11-03 Life As A Chameleon Pastor Scott Ward Play
2010-10-15 "Teach Your Children" Rick Wilmot Play
2010-10-08 "Choose Twelve" Pastor Scott Ward Play
2010-09-17 The Single Greatest Gift Brent Brusett Play
2010-09-10 Go L.E.O. Brent Brusett Play
2010-09-03 We Belong Brent Brusett Play
2010-07-02 Let Freedom Ring Brent Brusett Play
2010-06-25 He Will Stand For You Brent Brusett Play
2010-05-28 The Joy of the Father Brent Brusett Play
2010-05-21 Lodi Academy Concert Band Homily by Doug Brown Play
2010-05-14 The WWF Smack Down John McCann Play
2010-05-07 Activate Your Power Brent Brusett Play
2010-04-30 Saved in Hope Rick Wilmot Play
2010-04-23 Relationship Theology Scott Ward Play
2010-04-16 Samson - Hero to Zero Part 1 Brent Brusett Play
2010-04-09 Gideon - Zero to Hero Brent Brusett Play
2010-04-02 A God Who Still Moves Stones Brent Brusett Play
2010-01-15 Shaped by God's Heart Brent Brusett Play
2010-01-29 The Battles Call to Prayer Brent Brusett Play
2010-01-22 Guard Your Heart Scott Ward Play
2010-01-08 January 9, 2010 Grant Agadjanian Play
2010-01-01 A Magnificent Obsession Brent Brusett Play
2009-12-25 No More Room At the Inn Brent Brusett Play
2009-12-18 Good News of Great Joy Brent Brusett Play
2009-12-04 Good Soulds Rick Wilmot Play
2009-11-27 Thanks Living Brent Brusett Play
2009-11-20 Simplicity Scott Ward Play
2009-11-13 "Jesus, Your Real Friend" Audrey Graham Play
2009-11-06 Our GPS: A Passion for Service Brent Brusett Play
2009-10-30 Our GPS: A Passion for People Brent Brusett Play
2009-10-23 Our GPS: A Passion for God Brent Brusett Play
2009-10-16 The Missing Bride Lester Bennett Play
2009-10-09 Go Light Your Candle Brent Brusett Play
2009-10-02 The Leaders of the World Scott Ward Play
2009-10-27 20090926.mp3 Brent Brusett Play
2009-09-18 Painting the Bridge Rick Wilmot Play
2009-09-04 The Little Church: The Explosive Power of a Church Built on Relationships Brent Brusett Play
2009-08-28 The Connecting Church: The Explosive Power of a Church Built on Relationships Brent Brusett Play
2009-08-21 How To Worship Instead of Worry Rob Robinson Play
2009-07-31 Prepare the Way of the Lord Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-07-24 Do You Know Who You Are? Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-07-17 Where do we go from here? Pastor Scott Ward Play
2009-07-10 The Character of God Felix Ajayi Play
2009-06-26 Blessing Earth's Families Rick Wilmot Play
2009-06-19 "A Blueprint for Fathers" Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-06-12 "Walking Above the Storm" Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-06-05 "We Live By Faith" Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-05-29 May 30, 2009 Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2009-05-22 How Jesus Treated People - He's Listening! Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-05-08 A Mother's Love Pastor Scott Ward Play
2009-05-01 The Fearsome Foursome Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-04-24 I Want to Live Again -- Letting Go Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-04-17 I Want To Live Again -- Breath On Us Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-03-27 Dealing with Grief Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2009-04-03 "Homesick" Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-03-20 "I Want to Live Again: Abide in Me" Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-03-13 "I Want to Live Again: Get Up and Eat" Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-03-06 "Incarnation and Denial" Pastor Scott Ward Play
2009-02-20 You wouldn't have know me, and Steph wouldn't have married me! Paster Brent Brusett Play
2009-02-13 Falling In Love Kari Prouty Play
2009-02-27 I want to live again, hear the word of the Lord Pastor Brent Brusett Play
2009-01-30 Unleashing God's Power Paster Brent Brusett Play
2009-01-23 Joy, is it here? Paster Brent Brusett Play
2009-01-02 First Things First Ricardo Graham Play
2009-01-16 Overwhelmed, Not! Paster Brent Brusett Play
2008-03-28 The Stranger Who Wants to Give Our Lives New Meaning Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2008-04-18 The Prayer of the Forsaken Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2008-05-02 Musical Selections Lodi Academy Singers Play
2008-05-09 Honor Your Mother Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2008-03-14 Sermon Pastor Scott Ward Play
2007-09-28 Sermon Jim Reinking Play
2007-09-14 Messenger to the Remnant Jim Reinking Play
2007-09-07 All Lost For Christ Jim Reinking Play
2007-08-31 God's Prelude to Eternity Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-08-03 How Liberty Dies Alan Reinach Play
2007-07-20 Roots and Fruits Doug Brown Play
2007-07-27 Expect Great Things from God, Attempt Great Things for God Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-07-13 The Day When God Came In Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-07-06 The Law of the Lord Pastor Scott Ward Play
2007-08-17 Seeking Him in the Sanctuary S. Wayne Young Play
2007-06-29 Where is the Promise of His Coming? Jim Reinking Play
2007-06-22 The Gift of Prophecy Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2007-06-15 The Big Change! Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-05-11 The Remnant and Its Mission Pastor Scott Ward Play
2007-05-25 Unity in the Body of Christ Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2007-05-04 More than a Gathering Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-04-27 Sermon Rhonda Backman Play
2007-04-20 And Now the Mystery Begins! Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-04-13 Creation Pastor Scott Ward Play
2007-04-06 Experiencing His Salvation Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-03-23 The Life, Death, and Resurrection of Christ Pastor Lester Bennett Play
2007-03-30 Communion Sermon Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2007-03-16 The Great Controversy Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2007-03-02 Kingdon Assignments Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-03-02 Kingdom Assignments Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-02-09 Sermon Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2007-02-16 Sermon Pastor Scott Ward Play
2007-02-23 Your Friend, the Holy Spirit S. Wayne Young Play
2008-09-05 The Joy of Being Free Fabian Carballo Play
2007-02-02 Sermon Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2007-01-26 Sermon Pastor Wayne Young Play
2008-09-12 Discipling with Love Pastor Scott Ward Play
2008-09-19 Doctrine of Discipline Vern Holthouse Play
2007-01-19 The Throne of Heaven or the White House S. Wayne Young Play
2008-11-07 How Big Is Your Circle? Fred Bunch Play
2008-07-18 Encountering the Unknown Christ Dave Weigley Play
2008-07-25 Learning from Lazarus Pastor Scott Ward Play
2008-08-15 Triumphant Entry Pastor Scott Ward Play
2008-06-27 "Symbols" - Communion Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2008-06-20 Growing Christians Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2008-05-23 Touching Eternity Pastor Lester Bennett Play
2007-01-12 "Warriors" Part II Pastor Scott Ward Play
2008-10-03 Peace of Mind and Heart Pastor Scott Ward Play
2008-08-08 Adventist Education - What It's all About Doug Brown, Dann Dodd Play
2008-11-28 I Choose Gratitude Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2007-01-05 "My All and All" Pastor S. Wayne Young Play
2008-11-14 Fostering Friendship Pastor Rick Wilmot Play
2008-12-19 Capturing the Christ Child Pastor Scott Ward Play
2008-12-05 Building A Christian Warrior Stephen Arrington Play

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